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My name is Cynthia and  I started Keeping Up With Kids in 2009 on a blogspot and it has grown exponentially.  So much so that with the help of my family, we launched this site.
I am a former classroom teacher and have experience in video editing, audio creation, website design, and photography.  This website serves as an example of the many ways businesses and educational facilities can invite the public into their institutions,  You can help create a community with your students or customers through the use of social media and multimedia educational activities.  Contact us for more information on how we can create dynamic and interactive projects that will inform, engage, and educate your staff, customers, or students.

Take a moment to look over my portfolio for a few examples of the endless possibilities eLearning, design, and development can offer!

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Thank you for visiting our Keeping Up With Kids, we hope to see you back here soon.
~Cynthia & Family