Fisher Price Smart Bounce & Spin Pony Review

The Smart Bounce and Spin Ponycomes with the bouncy pony and a wireless game box that connects to your TV.  I got this for my daughter for her first birthday.  The guidelines say that it is for 12M -24 months and up.  At 1 year old she didn’t really get that there was a connection between what she was doing on the pony and what was going on on the TV.  Luckily there is a setting where you can just bounce on the pony with music and sound effects and that is what she liked most for about 6 months.
Assembly Time:  This to me is the best part!  It was completely assembled!  You just plug it into your TV (2 plugs) and it’s ready to play!
See!  2 Plugs!  Easy!

Value for Money:  Smart Bounce and Spin Pony runs around $90.  There are cheaper ones like the Bounce and Spin Zebra that do not include the TV game portion, however I would advise spending the extra money as it extends the length of time your child will be able to use it.  My daughter is about to turn 3 and still asks to use it at least once a week.  If all we had was the bouncy pony I don’t think she would still be interested in it.

It does require batteries, but they seem to last really well!  I have replaced the batteries in the Pony only once and the box twice, but that was because I forgot to turn it off.  It lasts longer if you do that!
Don’t think that once they get to level 3 that they won’t play the lower levels either.  She still likes to play all the levels.
Age Appropriateness:  Dead on!  Although if your 24 month old is not able to get on and off the pony by themselves you may want to hold off until she can.
Durability:  It is a plastic construction and seems pretty durable.  My kid and her friends have given two solid years of abuse and it still works great.  It does seem to squeak a little more though.
Educational Value: 
Here are the levels as printed on the Fisher Price Website:  They are pretty much dead on for appropriate educational guidelines for the age groups.
12M+ Level 1: Action/Reaction
With every bounce or spin of the roller, baby makes something happen! Hear songs, learn about animals and their sounds, first words, greetings and more.
18M+ Level 2: Learn and Play
As baby grows, so does the learning! Discover letters, numbers, shapes and colors in a fun and engaging way.
24M+ Level 3: Active Learning
Lots of games, lots of active learning! For example: make the pony “jump fences” as you count along and collect rewards.   
Teaches: Game play, Word recognition, Counting, Actions and words, Kinds of weather, Comparisons, and Following directions.