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Sandoway House

It has been a tough week getting back into the swing of things with school.  I am beginning to think that Spring Break might just be cruel.  It was so easy to fall into the lazy days of summer, and oh boy getting up at 5 this week was brutal!  I was back to substituting at my daughters school and I could tell my sweet little kindergartners felt the same way!

This week I suggest heading out to a museum you find some of our favorites on under Museums under the Review Tab, to see some of our favorite places to play and learn.  I wanted to mention also that Sandoway House in Delray Beach reopened a few weeks ago after being closed due to a car hitting the building, it is a sweet little place to visit, if you want a quick educational visit!  Click Here for Photo’s and a Review of Sandoway House.

Also, I would like to remind everyone to take a moment to read 5 Tips for Beach Safety.  It is still Spring Break for other states and so we will continue to entertain visiting families at the beach more and more as summer looms ahead of us.  Please be sure to impress upon anyone you care about the dangers of rip currents. There have been numerous rescues over the last few weeks on our beaches and even at least one death.  The beaches are a wonderful gift to spend time at, however rip currents are very real and very serious.

Click Here for the full list of upcoming events!


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Sandoway House in Delray Beach Review

The Sandoway House in Delray Beach is a great place to spend
a few hours with family.  The nature
center is housed in a 1936 beachfront home and is on the National Register of
Historic Places.  There is a natural
garden area and a small park with a picnic area and it’s located right across from
the beach.   The whole thing probably won’t take you more
than 2 hours, so bring your suits and hit the beach after.
There are several rooms all filled with biofacts (animal
artifacts) like skins, shells, skulls etc.
The nature center is also home to a variety of Florida native species
like a corn snake, slider turtles, and a gopher tortoise.  The front porch is also home a blue and gold
macaw named Mr. Crystal.
Upstairs you
can find more amazing shells, some that you can pick up, touch, feel and try to
identify.  There is also an upstairs porch
with binoculars available and a stunning view of the beach and ocean.
At some point in the 70’s the family who lived in the house
put in a pool. Sandoway House has
renovated the pool into a saltwater pool that now houses nurse sharks and puffer
fish.  There are daily feedings of the
sharks and this was probably my daughter’s favorite thing about our visit.  She also liked following the ray around the circular tank inside, the ray
seemed to like it too.  The megalodon shark tooth fascinated her and she kept insisting that we should have one at home!
There are two sand tubs full of ocean fossils so that the kids can dig for fossils. For an
additional $1 the kids can search through and take 3 fossils home with them. Be prepared to lift the kids up to the tables though they are quite high so I had to hold my daughter up there the entire time.
The shark exhibit will be there until Oct 2.  Then beginning October 15, they will be home
to the Ice Age Florida Exhibit.
Also, don’t forget to bring parking meter money, there are a few free spots in front of the Nature Center, but they do fill up quickly.
Educational programs are offered to the public at Sandoway
House including: Shark Feedings, Guided Historic Tours, Nature Walks, guest
speakers, Astronomy Nights, Summer Camp and special events such as Earth Day.   It is open Tuesday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
and Sunday Noon to 4 pm.
All in all, we love this place and will go back for the next exhibit!
Admission is $4 per person 3 years and up.
142 S. Ocean Blvd.
Delray Beach, FL 33483
Mr Crystal at Sandoway House
 Sandoway House
 Sandoway House
 Sandoway House
Sandoway House
 Sandoway House
Shark Exhbit Sandoway House
Shark pool at Sandoway House
Saltwater pool Sandoway House
Shark Pool Sandoway House
Shark pool Sandoway House
Sandoway House
Great white Shark Jaw
Shark exhibit Sandoway House
Sandoway House
Sandoway House
Sandoway House
Sandoway House
Sandoway House
Sandoway House