The Week Ahead for South Florida 4/14/16

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My Pick of the Week

Check out the Gator Boys at Science Eye Nature Program!  Another great way to enjoy this weather is head over to the Great Lawn in Pompano Beach for Movie Night!

Ohio Wanderings

Grove City Welcome Center and MuseumWe were wandering around Grove City Ohio over spring break and wandered into a great little educational find!  The Grove City Welcome Center and Museum!  After you visit the museum, make sure you have money set aside for antiquing across the street, and grab some pizza at Planks on Broadway.  Planks is located in an hotel built in the 1850’s.  If that isn’t enough wander around the cornor to Grove City’s Plum Run Winery for a glass of locally gown and made wine, while the kids have ice cream across the street!

Take a Hike

Fern ForestBroward County Parks are pulling out all the stops for walks, hikes and bird walks!  Take advantage before it gets too hot!  You can choose from a variety of nature-related hikes and walks. Most programs are $3 to $5 per person; some are free. Call the park of your choice for additional information, including preregistration requirements.

Want to learn Piano?

There is an App for that!
pianomarvelI am a geek, I know! I have been obsessed with all things educational & technological! So what about Piano Lessons?  Yup, There’s an app for that too! Piano Marvel is a completely online piano course that uses a midi interface with your piano to give you instant feedback on what you know!  I have been using it to brush up on my extremely old skills and to supplement my child’s lessons!   I am LOVING IT!  I also negotiated a Coupon Code for you try it for free!  If you buy a subscription you will get a discount too!  You won’t believe what you get for about a quarter of the price of piano lessons!

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The Week Ahead for South Florida 2/12/14

Battelle Darby Park Nature Center

I am looking at the RadMan Made of Buttons at the Norton Museumar as I write this and it looks like we are in for storms tonight, so my pick of the week is an indoor choice!

Perhaps a trip to the Norton is order!  Check out our Tri-Rail adventure to the Norton Museum in Downtown West Palm Beach.

I finally took the time to write about one the places we visited while in Ohio over the Thanksgiving.  Yes, it took me this long, don’t judge!  We went to Battelle Darby Nature Center

Battelle Darby Nature Center Viewing Deck
Looking at the Bison at the Battelle Darby Nature Center Viewing Deck

and saw the Bison.  Check out the full review and pictures here.  Take note of the extremely heavy coats we were


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Battelle Darby Creek Park Nature Center and Bison in Galloway Ohio

Battelle Darby Nature Center Water Table
Battelle Darby Nature Center Viewing Deck
Looking at the Bison at the Battelle Darby Nature Center Viewing Deck

I grew up going to Battelle Darby Creek Park (aka Big Darby), we thought it was great.  Compared to now, though?  Wow.  This park has come along way.  On our last trip to Ohio, we headed over to Battelle Darby Creek Park to see the Bison and the Nature Center.  This park spans 20 miles of riparian forests along the Big and Little Darby Creeks.  It includes 7,000 acres of prairies and forests.  As kid I felt this park had the best canoeing, hiking and the absolute best sledding hill around!  These are all still there and of course, there are picnic areas, pet trails and playground equipment

Battelle Darby Park Bison
The Bison are way back in the right hand corner.

everywhere, not to mention the Environmental Study Sites and Nature Programs.

The Bison can be seen in winter from the Battelle Darby Creek Nature Center.  The Bison can be viewed from the deck of the center, and it serves as their winter paddock.  The Nature Center can be found at 1415 Darby Creek Drive, Galloway OH 43119.

We were able to see them only with the telescope on the deck of the center, but it was still pretty neat.

Battelle Darby Nature Center Water Table
Battelle Darby Nature Center Water Table

The Nature Center itself is really amazing!  There are many hands on areas for the kids to learn about the nature.  A giant wall that allows kids to place pictures of animals in their habitats on the wall.

There is a pelt room, full of the pelts of all the native animals that you might find in the Ohio Valley.  Be prepared for this room, as a former zoological educator I used confiscated animal pelts to teach audiences about important animals for years, but I still find it difficult to see.  The educators and volunteers around the room will gladly explain to you where they came from.

Battelle Darby Park Nature Center
Peering into the creek bed table

The Riverbed Water Table is the highlight of the exhibit.  The table stretches the length of the room and show the different levels of the creek.  There are some really neat places where the kids can stick their heads into a plexiglass box from under the table so they can see right into the creek.

If you have a chance, this is a fabulous (free) way to spend a fun, education afternoon.

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