Dengue Fever in South Florida

I just wanted to make a quick post to all of you parents out there.  There has been a confirmed case of Dengue Fever in Broward County, Maimi Dade and a few in the Keys.
I was particularly interested in this quote by Mosquito Control Director Sandra Fisher in the Miami Herald because I have actually been having problems with mosquitoes in my home since the weather cooled and we opened the windows.   “Mosquitoes that carry dengue fever live very close to humans, who make up 95 percent of the blood meals that keep them alive, Fisher said. The mosquitoes live in flower pots, birdbaths, old tires and other containers that fill with water during rains. They try to get inside houses to breed in vases, pet dishes, even bottle tops,”  We have since turned the air conditioner back on until I can find the holes in my screens.
I just wanted everyone to be aware that it is out there so we can all take a few precautions, drain any standing water around your homes, cover up with long sleeves and pants, and stay indoors at dusk and dawn.  The Counties are recommending the use of a deet bug repellent in addition to list above.
You can read more about Dengue Fever and its symptoms at the Florida Department of Health Website.