The Week Ahead for South Florida: Pumpkins and Fall Festivals

Bedner's Pumpkin Patch

The Calendar for October is getting fuller by the moment!  There is no excuse to miss any of your favorite October events anymore!  Thanks to all of you who helped out by Submitting your Community Event to our Calendar. As always, Free Community events can be submitted at no charge!  City Recreations departments with minimal charges are also free!  I am pumping up the list as we speak on the search for the best Fall Festivals, Halloween and Pumpkin Patches around!  If you know of one, let me know!  I really think that we have the biggest list ever!

Big News:  It’s Publishing Week at my daughters school so I joined in the fun and finally published my first book!  Have you ever had an animal that you were sure was actively trying to be nice, but just ended up causing havoc? Read about my cat Baby Girl and why she did all the crazy things she did.  My daughter liked hearing the stories about this crazy cat, so I put them down in a little book.


My Pick of the Week!

Halloween in the Hammock at Gumbo Limbo

Click here for details about Halloween in the Hammock

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Here is the short list!  Click Here for the full list of upcoming events!