Multimedia Presentation Plan

Women in a peacful setting focusing on doing yoga.


Topic – Attention in learning

Definition of attention


Purpose – An example of what is possible in the use of multimedia authoring.

Objective – Demonstrate a presentation that includes, video, slides and game-like functions.

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Multimedia Authoring
Cynthia Buckley

Multimedia Lessons and Presentations allow the user to have a more immersive experience in learning information.  The options are endless and can include videos, photography, interactive game-like functions, and quizzes to name a few.  These tools allow the author to engage the client or student in ways that were previously difficult if not impossible in a virtual format.

The following project uses short video and photos to reinforce and elaborate learning goals in interesting ways.  The use of color and design are important in keeping the viewers engaged and interested in the presentation.  The video in this case requires the viewer to take an active part in the lesson.

Interactive game-like activities and quizzes increase viewer interactive engagement.  These options are a great way to measure the effectiveness of the presentation or lesson.  Exit tickets allow the presenter to evaluate the effectiveness of the presentation or lesson.  These can be true/ false, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice, and more. In this example, a program called H5P was used to create a True or False exit ticket and a quick memory game.  There are many tools that can accomplish these interactive portions creating interest and engagement in an otherwise dry topic.

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