Galleria Mall Santa Review

I just had to tell you all about the wonderful Santa at the Galleria! We went there today just to walk around and to try a cup cake at the new cup cake stand (pretty good by the way).

My daughter wanted to talk to Santa so we headed up to see him. There was one boy and a little girl in front of us who was nervous of the big guy in the red suit so Santa got out his Christmas book and set down on the floor and read to all three kids. He chatted with each of the kids and since it wasn’t busy he seemed very¬† happy to spend time with them.

This real bearded Santa is such a pleasure to see and even hands out cute little elf dolls to each child.¬† His seat is extra wide so it’s easy to get photo’s of the whole family or even let a nervous child sit next to Santa at a more comfortable distance.

So, Thank You Santa for making our shopping trip such a pleasure!

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