Christmas by the Sea Review

Wow, this was a crazy busy event!  The place was packed which made it difficult to let my 2 year old walk around for fear that she would get run over.  That being said, she was out of her mind excited to see Santa in the parade on top of the fire truck!

All and all it turned out be a lovely night.  It was cool for Florida and it felt wonderful!  There were pony rides, the steal drum band, and of course an Elvis Karaoke band that was quit fun to watch.

I know, I know I promised a video blog and I am working on it!  Apparently I am not as talented at movie making as I had assumed.  I will try to salvage something of the video to post ASAP!

I think we are going to check out the lights at Tradwinds park this weekend so I will get back to you on that very soon too.

Happy Holidays!

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