Regal 1$ Summer Movie – Nationwide

Regal Theater Summer Movie LogoRegal Summer Movie Express!  Regal Theaters offer kids movies on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 10am for nine weeks. Beginning June 11 in most Theaters.  Admission is $1 and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Will Rogers Institute.

Please check your local Regal Cinema for participation.

Week Title Rating Start Time
1 The Three Stooges PG 10am
1 Ice Age: Continental Drift PG 10am
2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days PG 10am
2 Parental Guidance PG 10am
3 Mr. Poppers’ Penguins PG 10am
3 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked G 10am
4 Monte Carlo PG 10am
4 Rio G 10am
5 Coraline PG 10am
5 ParaNorman PG 10am
6 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax PG 10am
6 Big Miracle PG 10am
7 Yogi Bear PG 10am
7 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island PG 10am
8 Racing Stripes PG 10am
8 Happy Feet Too PG 10am
9 African Cats G 10am
9 Chimpanzee G 10am

Lowe’s Build & Grow Free Kids Workshops

Lowe's Build & Grow

I thought I would repost this as there are several coming up and my daughter has been asking to go one.  Check the events calendar for the next one. Advance registration is required.

I had to run into Lowe’s the other week to return something for my husband and my daughter pointed out the giant sign on the wall that had Donkey’s dragon girlfriend from Shrek on it.  I realized it was for a free workshop to build the dragon. So of course I signed us up and we went.

It was really fun and really cute. Sorry for the lousy phone photos but I was being lazy and did not bring my camera.

You have to register online first. We showed up early and they were already set up. It was a little wood model with little nails and directions.

The attendant gave us the set, a hammer to use, and a cute Lowe’s apron for my daughter.

Lowe's Build & Grow

I had hoped there would be someone to help us figure out how to do it, but the attendant, while very friendly, did not offer any help.

I am of absolutely no use with tools but I did manage to figure out how to put it together on my own. Okay, well with a little help from my 4 year old and the people around me!

It was not exactly the way it was meant to be, but it worked and my daughter was so proud of herself for nailing it together.

When the project is complete the kids are given a cute little patch to take home. You can iron it onto their apron for them and they can wear it to the next workshop and earn another badge.

Lowe's Build & Grow

There is a Shrek Onion Carriage coming up the weekend of August 25th. Check out the Lowe’s Build and Grow link to register.

Asheville West KOA Review

Asheville West KOA Kabin
Asheville West KOA Review
309 Wiggins Rd
Candler, NC 28715
So I am on a kick now to take road trips and stop in at KOA’s along the way.  You can rent a cabin, or Kabin as they are called for around $50 a night.  It gave us a chance to get the camping feeling and yet not have to wrestle with a tent.  What is even better is that the cabins have air conditioning and heat.  Most of them seem to have free WiFi and you know that doesn’t hurt either!
Asheville West KOA Kabin
We pulled in to this site in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it was beautiful!  We were greeted and sent round to our cabin to get settled in.  The attendant told us where everything was and mentioned that there was a game room out back.  I groaned silently, but went to peek into it later.  It was actually a game room, you know “no quarters needed”!  There were board games, puzzles,  a tv (with cable), crayons and coloring books, and a book swapping shelf!
Everything at this campsite was impeccably clean!  The cabins were very near the restrooms, which is important when traveling with little ones!  There was a pool, and nice tot lot playground, lots of trails to walk, a cute camp shop with reasonably priced items.  Oh and good coffee!
Asheville West KOA Kabin
In the center of the ring of cabins there was a shelter that had a stove and sink, where meals can be prepared.  There was also a community campfire ring.  I was all set to start a fire to make smores when a storm came in.  It was not problem though, we sat on the porch swing, while my husband sat on the larger front porch of the Camp Store on the free WiFi to get some work done.  Next we went to the game room and had a very nice evening in there.
 I loved the way the cabins were laid out too.  My 3 year old could run out the cabin door and there wasn’t too many ways she could get into trouble in the immediate area.  She could run around a bit and still be within my sight line form the porch.  Her favorite thing was the porch swing!  I love traveling with 3 year olds sometimes.  Expensive dinner?  Boring!  Porch Swing?  Best invention ever!
Asheville West KOA camp kitchen
The campgrounds were quiet and peaceful and there was only one thing that I could complain about.  So here it is, the paper mill!  There is a paper mill nearby and you could smell it, mostly at night. We did run the AC at night just to filter out the smell, even though we really didn’t need it in the cool mountain night.   It wasn’t horrible and didn’t irritate my eyes or anything, but it was bothersome when everything about this mountain getaway was so perfect.  The attendant said that you can only smell it a couple of times a year and then it goes away.  I felt really bad for them at this family owned campground, because it was obvious that they take great pride in their business.
Asheville West KOA Camp Store & Office
The staff were extremely responsive.  We had a wasp starting to build a hive under our porch swing and the maintenance guy came right over to take care of it.  We loved walking the trails in the cool mountain air and watching bunnies from our front porch swing!  We spotted lots of birds too.   I cannot say enough nice things about this place.   We were there in June and it was hot enough to swim at midday and cool enough to warrant a sweater in the evening.
Asheville West KOA Pool
I didn’t get photo’s of the kids playground.  It was really perfect for my 3 year old though.  Little ones do need to be supervised there though as there is a little pond right next to it.  I know that I have been in the south too long because the pond looked exactly like a large alligator hole to me, and I kept catching myself scanning for ‘gators.  Duh, I was in the mountains!  No ‘gators here!  There was an awful lot of poison ivy though, so I would suggest wearing long pants and socks.  The good news is that the cool mountain will make the extra clothing very comfortable.  I wasn’t bothered by a single mosquito the whole time we were there.  I was waiting for them, but I suppose I was just barrowing trouble from my sub tropical home.
Asheville West KOA is less than 15 minutes to Asheville.  We spent a day in this great little artist/hippie town.  It was wonderful!  Great art galleries and restaurants there for sure!  I will be writing about that at a later time!
Asheville West KOA
Oh and they had a large pavilion with a fire place for large gatherings and meetings.  It would be an awesome place for a family reunion!  Even with the stinkie smell, I could have spent a few weeks here.  We had a wonderful visit there and hope to return when the paper mill is blowing the other way.
Asheville West KOA Camp Kitchen
Asheville West KOA  1 of many Trail Heads
Asheville West KOA Walk to the Playground
Asheville West KOA Pool
Asheville West KOA Field
Asheville West KOA
Asheville West KOA Community Camp Kitchen
Asheville West KOA
Asheville West KOA
Asheville West KOA
Asheville West KOA
Asheville West KOA
Asheville West KOA Game Room
Asheville West KOA Game Room
Asheville West KOA Game Room
Asheville West KOA Game Room
Asheville West KOA