Christmas by the Sea at Lauderdale by the Sea

I am really looking forward to this one!  You all know how much I love the events that Lauderdale by the Sea puts on!  We go every year to Christmas by the Sea and I have to admit, this is the epitome of Christmas on the beach.  We had such a wonderful time eating ice cream and watching our daughter dance to a steel drum band playing Christmas carols. There is a great little area set up for the kids to visit with Santa.

The best part is that Santa arrives on a decorated fire truck to light the giant Christmas Tree in the Town Square.  The kids went crazy!  Last but not least was the “snow” that sprays from the tree once it is lit up.  Okay so the snow is actually just soap bubbles so don’t open your mouth, but the effect really sets the mood.

Head down to the Town of Lauderdale by the Sea, grab a drink or an ice cream and enjoy the South Florida winter!

The Town Calandar has this scheduled for December 12, 2012 at 6pm and the tree is lit at dusk.

Boo at the Zoo at the Palm Beach Zoo

Boo at the Zoo Logo
Child Trick or Treating Boo at the Zoo Logo

We love Boo at the Zoo!  It is going to be held for 2 weekends this year, making it easier for us to hit all of our favorite Halloween Events!  We love the Palm Beach Zoo and you can find a review and more pictures HERE.

There are always fun things to do at the Zoo! As usual  the Zoo will be presenting all it’s fabulous daily shows and presentations, in addition to:

  • Trick-or-Treating throughout the Zoo
  • Paint-Your-Own Pumpkin Patch
  • Hay Stack Hunt
  • Costume Contests
  • Face Painting
  • Sand Art and Spin Art
  • Storytelling and Children’s Entertainment
  • Bounce House
  • Games and Crafts
  • Animal Encounters
  • Halloween Themed Keeper Talks and Animal Enrichments
  • Paws for a Cause Animal Art Expo with Art Created by Zoo Animals


Boo at the Zoo  Spider Monkey with a Pumpkin Enrichment
Jaguar at the Palm Beach Zoo

Summer Saving Pass at Lion Country Safari

We headed out to Lion Country Safari with our Summer Savings Pass this last week.  We had a great time!

They have lots of camp groups come through, but Jennifer (Marketing Director) let us know that they are usually in the walk thru park between 11 and 2. We didn’t get their until late so we drove through the Safari first and then headed into the walk thru and saved the water park for last. There were still groups there, but the the park is so big that it doesn’t feel very crowded. By the time we got to the water park, we really needed it!  It felt so great!

They have added a new attraction to the walk thru part of the park.  It is called water wars.  Basically you get three of your best (or worst) friends and you get to have a water balloon fight with them. Only in this battle you use a sort of slingshot type of contraption.  It was loads of fun and a great way to cool off on these hot summer days!

This place is a full day! There is so much to do. Our favorites are always feeding the giraffes and petting / feeding and brushing the goats, oh and don’t forget the mini golf.  Thanks for inviting us Lion Country!  You are on Keeping Up With Kids list of great reasons to live South Florida!

Click Here for more pictures and details about Lion Country Safari.

Easter by the Sea at Lauderdale by the Sea

Easter Bunny at Lauderdale by the Sea
Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley

The Town of Lauderdale by the Sea will hold its annual Easter Egg Hunt and Bonnet Contest.   April  7, 2012 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  The event starts promptly at 9 so don’t be late!  The egg hunt is broken up into 3 groups, starting with the youngest kids.  The volunteers who plan the Town events always do an amazing job!

Past Review:
The event was moved a few years back from the Municipal Park Ball Field to the parking lot of the Town Hall. The Egg Hunt itself was split up by age group and even though the area was much smaller and more crowed the Egg Hunt was still successful. No child left without a full basket at this hunt.  I did wish that they had allowed kids to enter from both ends. The smaller kids had a the disadvantage of getting all the way across fast enough.  I must admit I did like doing it on the field better as the parking lot was very crowded.

Refreshments were provided in Jarvis Hall along with a visit from the Big Guy himself, the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny arrived in South Florida style riding in a decorated red convertible Mini where he awed the crowd with his dancing ability. There were also photo opportunities for those who brought their cameras inside Jarvis Hall.

Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley

Last but not least is the Bonnet Contest.  Anyone can enter all you have to do is be creative, and the locals of LBS are that! These amazing Easter bonnets are adorned with everything from Easter Baskets to Bunny ears and look like they are as much fun to make as they are to see. We are definitley going to try to make a bonnet this year!

Lauderdale by the Sea’s next Town Event will be the Town Fourth of July Parade & Fireworks, so make sure to mark calendar now because celebrations in the Town of Lauderdale by the Sea are not to be missed.

Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley
Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley
Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley
Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley
Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley
Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley
Easter by the Sea Photo Credit: C Buckley

Christmas with Chimps Review Pictures and Video Blog

This years Christmas with the Chimps will be held on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 10:30.

Chimps receiving their Christmas Presents

This event is so much fun.  I cannot believe that I didn’t know about it before!  You get to drive around the safari and see the animals, then you get to actually park and get out of your car at the Chimpanzee Island.  The first thing that struck me was the sounds that the Chimps were making!  They were running around and making such a racket!  They are not stupid and knew exactly what was going on!

The Chimps were on one of the islands and Santa and his helpers rowed out to the empty island and placed all kinds of wrapped gifts around the island.  Then Terry Wolf the Director of Lion Country Safari came out and opened the bridge between the two islands and the Chimps headed out after their gifts.  They received things like stuffed animals, fruit, clothes, and toys.  There was one little guy who got a stuffed animal and he carried it around with him afterward.  It was really cute!
Santa and his Elves hiding presents for the Chimps

If you haven’t been out to Lion Country Safari, you really need to get out there.  It is worth the drive!  There is of course the drive through animal park, but then there is a huge walking park with more animal exhibits and lots of rides for the kids.  We had such a good time and were completely exhausted by the time we left.  We rode rides, feed sheep and a giraffe, rode a camel, went on a boat ride, saw lots of animals and generally had a great time.  you could easily spend an entire day there.  I will be posting a full review on the park very soon so check back often.

If you go the LCS web site you can print out a coupon that discounts $6 per person.

Chimp with a stuffed animal present
Chimps waiting for Santa’s arrival
Crowd at Lion Country Safari Christmas with the Chimps

CLICK HERE for a coupon!

Santa Weekends at Flamingo Gardens and Holiday Lights Review

We love this event.  The Gardens have all of their lights up and it is fun to wander around looking for cute little light displays hidden in the trees.  It is usually a quiet day and Santa hangs out at the Wray House with some of the resident Bird of Prey and their volunteer handlers.

I have to admit it was tranquil and lovely the temperature was cooler and it made such a nice change to walk around in jeans and long sleeve shirts!  This is a low key event and if you are looking for a mellow, beautiful place to spend a few hours in the late afternoon with your family, this is it!

Click Here for this years(2014)  event information

Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Gardens
Flamingo Christmas Tree Cracked me up!
Flamingo Gardens

Christmas by the Sea Review

Wow, this was a crazy busy event!  The place was packed which made it difficult to let my 2 year old walk around for fear that she would get run over.  That being said, she was out of her mind excited to see Santa in the parade on top of the fire truck!

All and all it turned out be a lovely night.  It was cool for Florida and it felt wonderful!  There were pony rides, the steal drum band, and of course an Elvis Karaoke band that was quit fun to watch.

I know, I know I promised a video blog and I am working on it!  Apparently I am not as talented at movie making as I had assumed.  I will try to salvage something of the video to post ASAP!

I think we are going to check out the lights at Tradwinds park this weekend so I will get back to you on that very soon too.

Happy Holidays!