Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida

Butterfly WorldWe had the chance to go spend the day at Butterfly World in Coconut Creek the other day!  I had not been in a few years and honestly, I had been putting it off because of the cost of the entrance.

I can tell you though that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there!  The butterfly garden is a paradise, the Lorikeet feeding experience is amazing and the whole place is clean, serene and inspiring!  I left wishing that I had a screened in patio to turn into a butterfly garden!  My daughter loved it and I have never seen her stand so still Butterfly Worldwith one finger in the air hoping that a butterfly might land on her finger.  It was hilarious.

ATTEN: Auntie Carol – There are bug pictures below in the slide show.  It includes a certain one you are not fond of so maybe you should stop reading now.

Butterfly WorldFor everyone else, there is a  building called the Bug Zoo that had walls of mounted with bugs including some amazing beautiful beetles.  There was another room full of live bug exhibits including tarantulas, and some really neat stick bugs from all over the world.  I was so fascinated I didn’t want to leave!  We even got to see a bird eating tarantula that had just stepped out of his molt.

All in all, we give Butterfly World a 9 out of 10!  It has a lovely gift shop and a little cafe for Butterfly Worldsnacks.  The bathrooms are immaculate  (important for those with little kids) The only downside is the cost of entrance, although you can find coupons occasionally around town. I think however, at least for us it was worth it.  If you are a photographer, plan to spend all day for sure!

There is a quick video clip at the bottom of the page so you can see how quick these little critters are!

The Bug Zoo

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Check out a quick video clip of the butterfly’s!



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