The Week Ahead for South Florida (Halloween Weekend #2) 10/29/14

So here is Halloween Part 2. 

Boo at the Zoo Palm Beach ZooLast weekend we hit up our Community Garden Trick or Treat so others can eat.  We had a great day, the weather was beyond beautiful belief!  The week before it was Boo at the Zoo and Benders.  We are really working the costume this year!

The list of events that I have embedded in this post is actually all happening this weekend.  we are actually going to make a new  record on how many times we can wear our costumes this year.

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If you go to our Events Calendar and click on the advanced setting you can search by category.  Choose Holiday to see all the fall festival and holiday activities that are coming up starting in October.

The Let me know if you have any Holiday events that need to go on the list!

Click Here for the full list!  It is extremely long!


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