The Week Ahead for South Florida 9/18/14

Vader PumpkinsWe are getting ready to replant our garden now.  I decided to go the community garden route again, however we got a bigger plot this year.  I am hoping that we are able to grow a few more things than we managed last year.  The crazy alien looking carrots were fun, however our tomatoes were pretty sad.  I love how my kids thinks it is the best thing on earth to eat the things that we grow.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that we do a little better this year.

If you go to our Events Calendar and click on the advanced setting you can search by category.  Choose Holiday to see all the fall festival and holiday activities that are coming up starting in October.

The Let me know if you have any Holiday events that need to go on the list!

My pick of the week: 
Arts Park Free Movie Night & Funtastic Friday

Here is your quick link to the full list!  It is extremely long!

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