The Week Ahead for South Florida 9/11/14

Pair of scarecrows at a Fall Festival at Flamingo Gardens
Scarecrow contest and Festival at Flamingo Gardens

I haven’t got much to report this week!  I will tell you I have been pumping up the list this week.  There are so many great fun looking things coming up in the next few weeks.  I am also super psyched about Halloween and Fall Festivals.  I know Halloween is still a month away, but I am digging up all the Holiday activities that I can find!  The nearest one is a tradition for us,  We always go to the Scarecrow contest and Festival at Flamingo Garden!  With any luck it will cool off a little before the beginning of October!

The Let me know if you have any Holiday events that need to go on the list!

My pick of the week: 
Barrel Point Show at Brandon Equestrian Center

Here is your quick link to the full list!  It is extremely long!

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