The Week Ahead for South Florida 8/1/14

Sea Turtle Release at Spanish River ParkFirst of all, yes I just figured out it was Friday and yes I know I was supposed to post yesterday.  My gray roots are showing and they really do effect my brain!

We had a great week, (I suppose that is why I lost track of the day).  I am so sad to see the end of summer!  School is just around the corner!  I am happy to say that the school shopping (well most of it) is done.  It is amazing how expensive that list costs every year!

Our big outing this week was the release of Lightening the sea turtle.  She was rescued back in May when some boaters saw her and reported her.  She was in bad shape and had an infection.  No one knows for sure if she was hit by a boat or bitten by a shark.  The wonderful staff at Gumbo Limbo Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility nursed her back to health and we got to see her head back out to sea last Thursday.

Sea Turtle Release at Spanish River Park
That gray bump in the sand is Lightning the Sea Turtle.

It was a really heart moving event.  She swam out to sea while the crowd cheered her on and the thunder rolled in the sky.  Apparently her name was appropriate!  I wonder why they named her Lightening?  Anyway, it really felt good to see how much people care and value these animals!

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