The Week Ahead for South Florida 3/20/14

I hope you are all enjoying Spring Break as much as we are. (If you are lucky enough to have had it yet.)  We are still spending as much time outside as possible.  I know my friends up north are going to “unfriend” me if I keep going on about how nice it has been the last couple of weeks, but I figure we endure all the summer heat for this little bit of perfect weather we may as well shout about it!Seriously Ugly Home Grown Carrots

Our adventure in gardening took a strange turn this week.  It seems that our carrots were replaced with aliens!  I have scoured the internet for an ugly carrot contest, but to no avail.  We had a pretty good laugh over these.

I also thought I would share this petition.  I don’t normally place things like this on my site, however there has been quite an uproar over the policy change in Broward County.  Students with lice are now allowed to attend class instead of being banned until they are nit free.  Here is a link to a petition to reverse the policy if you are interested.  We all know that lice don’t actually do any horrible damage, but they sure are a pain (and expensive) to get rid of.

Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra Music for MunckinsMy pick for the week is the Music for Munchkins program offered in both Miami and Broward.  These are free kids orchestral performances where the kids are free to wiggle and giggle and learn about music.  We love this program, and my daughter enjoys it every time.  Click here for a quick review and picture of Music for Munchkins.  Our favorite was when they did parts of Peter and The Wolf.  This is an amazing educational, cultural opportunity tailor made for families!

We managed to get another review up for our series The Big Toy Box Review.  If you have a child you think might like the My Little Pony Train Set, take a moment to watch the video review.

Here is your quick list for the week,

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