Tri Rail Adventure to the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach

The Norton Lego Exhibit in West Palm

Tri Rail Station West Palm Beach Our adventure this day included a train ride!  Tri Rail stations have free convenient park and ride parking lots at each of the stations.  We usually go from Cypress Creek station and parking is always abundant.  There are so many destinations to choose from too!

We decided to go to the Norton Museum for it’s Lego Exhibit.  The The Norton Lego Exhibit in West Palm Lego Exhibit will be there until October 20, 2013.

We got off the Tri Rail at the West Palm Station and took the Downtown Trolley.  The drivers were very nice and helpful.  We asked to get off near Palm Beach Atlantic University at Olive and South Dixie.   The Norton is just a few blocks south on Olive, and it is a nice walk across the campus.

The Lego Exhibit was amazing and all the kids seemed to have a great time.  We spent a good amount of time looking at the Lego buildings. My Child's creation at The Norton Lego Exhibit in West Palm Their favorite was the hands on room where the kids can build their own creations and put them on a shelf for others to see.

We also walked around the other museum exhibits.  There are some great kids activities built in, just ask one of the docents where the activity sheet is for each exhibit.  There are pictures of items and paintings on the sheets for the kids to walk around and find.  I was surprised at how into the kids were.

It really was a fun day,  the Norton was amazing!  We took the Trolley back to City Place (with the help of the driver, West Palm Beach Trolleybecause we had to change Trolleys) and had lunch.

We decided to walk back to the Tri Rail instead of taking the Trolley, it is only about 4 blocks.  However if you do, please be aware of your surroundings as apparently there have been some problems in the neighborhoods surrounding City Place.  We didn’t have any problems, but we did observe an arrest of what looked like an intoxicated person down one of the blocks.

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