The Week Ahead; Earth Day Events

Bird Ridge Alaska by Tari Stage-Harvey
Bird Ridge Alaska by Tari Stage-Harvey
Bird Ridge Alaska by Tari Stage-Harvey

Happy Earth Day!

I had to share this amazing photo taken by my childhood friend Tari Stage-Harvey near her home in Alaska. What a fantastic Earth Day photo! She has a blog called A Waste of Time where she has been sharing her insights on her life as a pastor, mom and a wife.  Her writing is exactly like her, witty, clever, entertaining, sarcastic, honest and borderline obnoxious.

I also thought I would share the Science Live Earth Day Facts & History with you this week! There are several events going on around town so no one should be bored this weekend!

We have had a hectic crazy week, so I apologize for the Week Ahead coming out a day late, but as I always say better late than never!

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