The Week Ahead for South Florida 10/15/14

Seriously Ugly Home Grown Carrots

Garden Plot

We have had a busy week, and it will only get busier over the next few weekends as we try to hit every possible Halloween and Pumpkin Patch/Fall Festival that we can find!

carrot from the garden
You should have seen the sheer amazement on her face when she pulled this out of the ground!


It is time for families in the south to put in a garden!  While our friends up north are hunkering down for winter, we are now looking forward to the season when our plants won’t drown or burn!  Have you ever wanted to plant a garden, but found the volume of information overwhelming?  No worries, I have you covered.

Follow my 5 Tips for Planting a Garden with Kids and see what happens!  The key is to treat it like an experiment and don’t over think it.  You can still plant things even if you live in a condo!  So come on, get dirty with us! No excuses here my friends!

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