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Teach Me 1st Grade

Teach Me 1st Grade This is another app that in my opinion is 100% educational!  It is part of our summer screen time strategy.  My daughter has to earn screen time by spending time on one of 4 educational apps of my choice or by reading her chapter book.  “No Mine Craft for you until you have edjamekated yerself kid!”  Yes, I am just that mean!

So the Teach Me Apps are great! They offer Teach Me Toddler, and Teach Me’s for K-3rd.  They also have a new one called Teach Me Math Facts.  This summer we are finishing up Teach Me 1st Grade and starting on (hopefully) 2nd Grade.

Teach Me 1st Grade Fish Store Reward Area
The fish swim away when you touch the tank

This app is bright and has loads of little animated graphics that help to keep the kids engaged.  There are several play areas, where the kids can “spend” the coins they have earned answering questions.  Coins can be spent on things for a fish tank in the Fish Store, or in the Art Shop.  Coins are fairly easy to earn and the rewards are not too spread out so they work as great motivators.

Teach Me 1st Grade Math Problem. Teach Me 1st Grade Math Problem.

   I like that the kids have to write in their answers, for added printing practice.  They don’t just get to click on the correct answer, they have to write the numbers or spell the word on the lined writing space.  I have seen an improvement in my daughters printing due mainly to this.  She has been very lazy about taking her time and writing neatly, and this app demands just that. It is not a bad idea to pick up on of those stylus pen thingies (that is the technical term) for older kids.  A finger will work either way.

I also like that it switches back and forth between math problems and sight words and spelling.  I think it helps keep it interesting.

Teach Me 1st Grade Mastery Levels.
My daughter and I both benefit from being able to see her progress in math, spelling and sight words.

The curriculum looks like it covers the basics and appears to meet the major benchmarks for learning in each grade.  My daughter likes it and really doesn’t mind doing it, even though she knows this is, for us, the summer version of homework.  She says that she wishes her homework during the school year were like this!

This app appears to be best for reviewing materials.  It does give hints, but they don’t really tell you how to get the answer, it just gives you the answer.  This really isn’t a problem though, but as we all know, practice makes perfect.