The Week Ahead for South Florida 2/26/15 Strawberries, colds, and potatoes.

I have a sick kid this week so it’s gonna be a short but sweet post. Just a cold, but those of you with kids with asthma know that I won’t sleep for a few days.  Someone may have to stop me from “facebooking while drowsy”.

We headed out to Bedner’s Farm on a schStrawberriesool field trip to pick strawberries, last week it was a great time.  If you are up for a trip to Bedner’s you can also try The Girls Strawberry Patch in Delray Beach.  It is a really cool little find and you would never know it was there if were just driving by.

We also planted some purple potatoes, I know this may have been a mistake as they don’t do well in the heat.  Yes, I know it was in the 30’s here this week, but the heat is coming back, so get ready for it!

Please check out my review of Gus on the Go A Language Learning Adventure Review and Giveaway.  It truly is the most educational App I have come across to date.  When I emailed the creators of this App to tell them how much I and my daughter love it, the graciously offered to give our readers a chance to win a download.

My Pick of the week is the Happy Dr Suess Event at the Boca Community Garden, it is free if you bring a donation of diapers for the Junior League Diaper Bank.

Click Here for the full list of upcoming events!

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