Big Toy Box Review Video: Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera

Big Toy Box Review: Fisher Price Kids Tough Camera

We are proud to present the first of many video reviews!  Enjoy!

3 year old using Kid Tough Camera for Bird Watching.
Description:  I thought this camera was going to be really, really bad!  I once had a tiny thumb drive camera that took grainy fuzzy terrible pictures and I thought this was going to be the same.  It is much, much better than that!   Now, to be fair, it is not super high quality by any means, so don’t get your hopes up too high.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how clear the photos taken with the Kids Tough Camerawere.  Outside is the best use for this camera, as it does not have a flash, so indoor photo’s tend to be grainy, more blurry and darker.  I have posted here some of the photo’s I and my 3 year old have taken with it to give you an idea.  The camera comes in pink and blue.
Assembly Time:  None.  You do have to add 4 AAA batteries and buy a cord separately to download the photos.

Value for Money:  This item runs between $30 and $40 bucks.  My daughter loves it!
Photo Taken by a 3 year with Kid Tough Camera.

Age Appropriateness:  The box says age 3-7 years.  We got it for my DD for her 3rdbirthday and she took to it like a fish to water and although the age/safety recommendation does not advise it, I probably would have felt okay with her having it earlier.  It has dual eye pieces so that you can look through it using both eyes (much easier for kids) or use the view screen.

Durability:  It is a plastic construction and seems pretty durable.  My DD has already dropped it several times.  The lens is set deep into the camera so it is harder to accidentally get finger prints on it.

Educational ValueThis is a great way to develop creativity and hand/eye coordination.  My DD loves to take pictures the way that we do!  She has also carried it along on our hikes to take pictures of wildlife. It is a great way to introduce a birding activity to a child.  She feels really important using it, I actually caught her giving it to a friend and then very patiently giving a “mini photo lesson”.  It is amazing how quickly kids pick up these things.  So far we love it.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.

Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty Review

Description:  (There is a newer less expensive version of this I have the link below)
I love this product!  The Cheer For Me Potty sings when the little ones go in it, it also clicks when they “flush” the handle.  Those of you who have potty trained know the importance of getting to one quickly when the little one shows signs!  I tucked this potty away in a quiet corner of our family room and it works great!  We sang the songs together when she used it and she loved it.  Fisher-Price has many different potty’s available, so pick one that you think will interest your child.  The newest version of this potty lights up as well as sings.
I kept it available for her to use for a long time so that she wouldn’t have to get me to take her to the bathroom.  It helped to give her independence to be able to go more or less all on her own.
It is really easy to clean too.  Just lift out the pan and pour into the toilet.
Assembly Time:  None, it does take batteries although we have been using it regularly for over a year and have never had to change them.
Value for Money:  I paid around $30 for ours and I wouldn’t pay more, however we used it regularly for well over a year and it still works great.   Great Value!
Age Appropriateness:  If you are ready to start potty training then this is appropriate!
Durability:  It is a plastic construction and seems pretty durable.  I don’t have any concerns about it lasting.
Educational Value:  Potty training is an important step.  It can’t be rushed or forced.  Here is a great link to get ideas on how to start with your child.
I also liked this article on Positive Reinforcement Potty Training.  The Author is a former animal trainer and took the same approach to potty training as I did.  It is great advice!

Fisher Price Smart Bounce & Spin Pony Review

The Smart Bounce and Spin Ponycomes with the bouncy pony and a wireless game box that connects to your TV.  I got this for my daughter for her first birthday.  The guidelines say that it is for 12M -24 months and up.  At 1 year old she didn’t really get that there was a connection between what she was doing on the pony and what was going on on the TV.  Luckily there is a setting where you can just bounce on the pony with music and sound effects and that is what she liked most for about 6 months.
Assembly Time:  This to me is the best part!  It was completely assembled!  You just plug it into your TV (2 plugs) and it’s ready to play!
See!  2 Plugs!  Easy!

Value for Money:  Smart Bounce and Spin Pony runs around $90.  There are cheaper ones like the Bounce and Spin Zebra that do not include the TV game portion, however I would advise spending the extra money as it extends the length of time your child will be able to use it.  My daughter is about to turn 3 and still asks to use it at least once a week.  If all we had was the bouncy pony I don’t think she would still be interested in it.

It does require batteries, but they seem to last really well!  I have replaced the batteries in the Pony only once and the box twice, but that was because I forgot to turn it off.  It lasts longer if you do that!
Don’t think that once they get to level 3 that they won’t play the lower levels either.  She still likes to play all the levels.
Age Appropriateness:  Dead on!  Although if your 24 month old is not able to get on and off the pony by themselves you may want to hold off until she can.
Durability:  It is a plastic construction and seems pretty durable.  My kid and her friends have given two solid years of abuse and it still works great.  It does seem to squeak a little more though.
Educational Value: 
Here are the levels as printed on the Fisher Price Website:  They are pretty much dead on for appropriate educational guidelines for the age groups.
12M+ Level 1: Action/Reaction
With every bounce or spin of the roller, baby makes something happen! Hear songs, learn about animals and their sounds, first words, greetings and more.
18M+ Level 2: Learn and Play
As baby grows, so does the learning! Discover letters, numbers, shapes and colors in a fun and engaging way.
24M+ Level 3: Active Learning
Lots of games, lots of active learning! For example: make the pony “jump fences” as you count along and collect rewards.   
Teaches: Game play, Word recognition, Counting, Actions and words, Kinds of weather, Comparisons, and Following directions.