Cafe in the Crypt at St. Martins in the Fields London

St. Martins in the Fields & Cafe in the Crypt

On our last trip to London, we were wondering around near Trafalger Square.  It was actually hot and sunny and we were all dragging a little bit and looking for a good place to sit and cool off for awhile.  (Not to mention a certain person need the loo (aka the bathroom).  We saw some stairs that went down below the sidewalk and of course we had to figure out where they went!  As it turns out they went to the St. Martins in the Fields Crypt.  It was all stone and there was a cafe, bathrooms, a shop and a chance to do some brass rubbing!

My very talented husband put together a little video of our activity so you can  get an idea of what this amazing place was like.  It would be very easy to miss this place and it is truly thanks to the curiosity of a six year old that we had to explore!