Summer Savings Pass 4 great Attractions for 1 Price

2014 Summer Savings PassWe pick this up Summer Saving Pass up every year. It is a great deal, you get unlimited admission to four different attractions.  The Museum of Discovery and Science, Lion Country Safari, Miami Seaquarium, and Miami Metro Zoo.

We went to Lion Country 2x, and Miami Seaquarium.  We spent a great deal of time at The Museum of Discovery and Science on those stormy summer afternoons.  You can pick up the pass at the gate at any of the 4 attractions.

Summer Saving Pass at Lion Country Safari

We headed out to Lion Country Safari with our Summer Savings Pass this last week.  We had a great time!

They have lots of camp groups come through, but Jennifer (Marketing Director) let us know that they are usually in the walk thru park between 11 and 2. We didn’t get their until late so we drove through the Safari first and then headed into the walk thru and saved the water park for last. There were still groups there, but the the park is so big that it doesn’t feel very crowded. By the time we got to the water park, we really needed it!  It felt so great!

They have added a new attraction to the walk thru part of the park.  It is called water wars.  Basically you get three of your best (or worst) friends and you get to have a water balloon fight with them. Only in this battle you use a sort of slingshot type of contraption.  It was loads of fun and a great way to cool off on these hot summer days!

This place is a full day! There is so much to do. Our favorites are always feeding the giraffes and petting / feeding and brushing the goats, oh and don’t forget the mini golf.  Thanks for inviting us Lion Country!  You are on Keeping Up With Kids list of great reasons to live South Florida!

Click Here for more pictures and details about Lion Country Safari.