Survey Responses on How to get the kids to school on time

A young child stretching as she wakes up.Thanks to all of you who responded to our survey on morning school routines and how to get the kids to school on time!  I am so nervous about getting my little out the door on time!  She is a perpetual fiddler, and can waste time like no one I have ever met!

So here are some of the hints our readers shared with us on how to get these kids up, dressed, fed and out the door on time!

Morning Routine
So this is how most of our respondents run the morning; wake up, go potty, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, hair care, TV time.

TV in the Morning?
Half of our respondents said that they do allow the kids to watch TV in the morning, and one smart Momma said to use the TV to your advantage. Let them watch it while they eat breakfast once they’ve done everything to get ready. This will give you uninterrupted time to get yourself ready, pack lunches, etc. The key is to make sure they’ve done everything–brush teeth, get dressed, even put their shoes on–before that TV is turned on. I think I plan to try this suggestion.

How to wake the kids.
This was really varied. Most parents answered that their kids wake up on their own, and mommy kisses to wake up was the second choice.  I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of those whose kids wake up easily.  I will have to drag my little out of bed!  I think telling her there is a pony in the living room will only work once!

What do you feed them for breakfast?
Cereal or oatmeal with fruit was the clear winner here, followed by bagels or waffles with peanut butter or cream cheese, yogurt and fruit seems to be very popular too! I am loving the breakfast ideas!  Here are the ones our respondents gave us.

“Fresh fruit/veggie smoothies are quick and most ingredients are already chopped and frozen. Overnight oatmeal is great too. Can make in crock pot the night before and reheat in am.”

“I make the waffle sticks and keep them in the fridge. I also make egg and cheese in a muffin tin and freeze them”

“On weekends I make lots of extra homemade pancakes and or French toast. I use oats and/or flax sees in them for protein. Freeze the extras. And then during the week I put them in toaster oven to warm for breakfast on school days.”

“We make homemade wheat pancakes for Sunday breakfast. We make a lot so we have extra to use through the week. Put them in the microwave for a few seconds and they’re good to go. We always try to keep fresh strawberries or banana’s in our house as a topping for his breakfast.”

Do you layout clothes?
45% said yes and 54% said No.  The best suggestion here is if your child wears uniforms to have a drawer or basket that contains them.  This way the child can pick out whatever they want each day.  I love our very smart readers! Of course the respondent who suggested this also mentioned that you may have to ignore some odd color combinations, but I think I am good with that! I am so doing this!

MS Clip Art School BusMotivational systems.
We plan to use our system of tickets for good behavior, and doing chores. She gets to turn these in for computer game time or tv shows.  Many of you reported similar systems using marbles or stars.

Tricks and Tips from our respondents include:
“Making a game of the morning routine”

“Make lunches and shower the night before and being sure to get Mommy and kids to bed on time.”

“Keep the TV off in the morning and making sure all toys are put away the night before. Less distraction make for a smooth morning.  (I like this one, although I think my little will still find a way to fiddle.)”

The most repeated suggestion ” Get the kids to bed on time”.

Okay, so are we all ready now?  mmmmmm seeing that I am writing this at 11:00 at night, I think I should get myself to bed now and follow all your wonderful advice!

If you have tips, ideas, advice or morning breakfast recipe’s please be sure to add them to comments, because I know I am not the only one who needs them!

Thanks to everyone who participated!



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