Schoolhouse Children’s Museum in Boynton Beach

Schoolhouse Museum LighthouseYou all know I love my gadgets!  My Little loves hers just as much, but there is always time to unplug and disconnect!  The Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center in Boynton Beach is the perfect place to unplug!


Kids Kingdom Playground

I cannot believe I had never been there before!  The recent monsoonal downpours sent me looking for indoor places to spend some energy without breaking the bank.

On the way into the Museum, you must be prepared to spend sometime at the Kids Kingdom Playground.  It is an amazing magic kingdom  with slides, hidden climbing areas, and it is accessible for all children.  My advice is to take advantage and bring a picnic lunch before or after you visit the Museum.

Schoolhouse Museum The Schoolhouse Museum is housed in an actual preserved 1913 schoolhouse.  The exhibits are supposed to represent local history through traditional hands-on play.  The entire Museum is a touchable imagination factory, where kids can Schoolhouse Museum Bathroom Alphabetexplore what it must have been like to live and work in old Florida.

Everywhere you look there is something to discover.  Even the bathrooms in the lobby!  My Little went nuts when she noticed that the murals in the restrooms had the alphabet hidden in them.  Such a silly thing, but I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get her out of there!




Schoolhouse Museum TrainThe first floor of the Museum houses a train where the kids can ring a bell, pretend to shovel coal into the engine. The adventure continues with a visit to the Boynton Hotel where I was served pretend tea and cakes by the cutest little waitress in the world.

Dairy Days give the kids a chance to feed the life sized cow (ping pong balls) and see them come out into milk pails. (Yeah, I know, stop laughing, the ping balls really come out the utters!) The work carries on by placing the “milk” into the pasteurizer. Don’t forget to have fun picking picking peppers at the farmhouse and using leg power to make the conveyor belt move the peppers onto the washing station.

As you move onto the second floor, don’t bother with the elevator!  Take the stairs so you Schoolhouse Museumcan get a great view of the replica of the Jupiter Lighthouse created by Disney Animatronics and the ocean mural.  Don’t forget to knock on the lighthouse door!  Don’t ask, just do it okay?

The second floor moves you onto main street.  Kids can check out the Barefoot Mailman, and find out just what it took for mail to move from Lake Worth to  Miami. That is a heck of a walk with a sack of mail on your back.

Schoolhouse Museum Hypoluxo SteamerWe had fun stocking shelves and selling merchandise (although my daughter got upset with me when I tried to get her to make change, I suppose that was just a little too educational for her).

The Littles can check out Doc Weems Doctor’s Office and take care of newborn babies, visit the Post Office and weigh, stamp and deliver mail, or explore the Hypoluxo Steamer and explore the swampland.

This place makes for a fabulous day out!  You can’t beat the price, Children under 1 are free, Ages 1-17 $4.00 and Adults are $5.00.

Schoolhouse Children’s Museum
208 South Seacrest Blvd.
Boynton Beach, Fl 33435-4452
(561) 375-6387


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