Multimedia projects enhance training programs, customer service, education programs, and more!  These can be in video form or interactive slide presentations.  Activities can be used in stand-alone lessons or be combined into a larger project or lesson.

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Short Videos can be used to promote products or reinforce learning targets in a meaningful way.  Here are two quick video examples created and narrated by Cynthia Buckley.



Audio can be used alone to effectively convey emotion, feelings, or promotion.

Interactive Slide Presentations

Interactive slide presentations are a fantastic and simple way to combine multimedia and bring the user into the presentation.  Audio, video and affiliate links place the information at the user’s touch.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures in the presentation to see more information about each of the locations.

These types of presentations can be presented live in person or dropped on a website for private review.

Game-Like Format

It is often important for the presenter to get an understanding of the effectiveness of the lesson/ presentation.  Interactive slides can be used in a game-like form for a deeper understanding of the target information.

In this next example, the user can click on the answers to the questions and know immediately if they got it right or wrong.  Try clicking on the wrong answers to see what happens.


Google Forms and products like H5P, Peardeck, Hello Smart, and Kahoot can give your user practice using fun and sometimes even competitive activities.


Exit tickets allow the presenter to evaluate the effectiveness of the presentation or lesson. These can be true/ false, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice, and more.


Click on the tiles to find matching definitions.


Click here for the Multimedia Authoring Abstract.

Click here for the Multimedia Presentation Plan.