Multimedia Portfolio

Multimedia projects enhance training programs, customer service, education programs, and more!  These can be in video form or interactive slide presentations.  Activities can be used in stand-alone lessons or be combined into a larger project or lesson.  Click here for an example of a Lesson on Learning and Attention.

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Interactive Formats

Interactive slides can include video, audio, and links to give your customers or students more in-depth information on the topics you present.

Please CLICK on the Welcome to London Slide  Don’t forget to click on the pictures for links to more information on each slide!

Interactive media can help you get a better understanding of how effective your training has been.  There are many options for interactive activities that can even allow you to instantly see the results of a questionnaire or quiz.

Interactive slides can be used in a game format, that are fun for everyone!  You will be able to click on the answers and see right away if you get them right or wrong!  Just for fun go ahead and click on the wrong answer to see what happens.



Audio alone can very impactful! Contact Cynthia for more voice over options.

Cynthia’s resume is available upon request.