Helpful Holiday Hack to end the chorus of -How many days are left?”

Holiday Helpful Hack

White Board Kids Count Down
How much longer do I have to wait?

We had a few mishaps in the past with our advent calendars, you know the usual problems, bought it and can’t find it, ants ate it, Elf on the Shelf ate it or  I just plain forgot it, etc. All of these problems meant that it was time to Hack a solution!  Time is a tough concept for kids, and visual representation is a big help for them, it also keeps you from losing your mind answering the constant question of how many days are left until the big day.

Draw a picture of the upcoming event that your child is looking forward to, count how many days are left until said event and write the numbers in. You can use the dates or just do a countdown depending on the age of your munchkin.  The kiddo can color in each day, and just like the question “how many days left till……..” has ended.

We have used this trick for summer vacation countdowns, Grandparent visits, end of school, birthday’s etc.  When she was little I used to draw it for her, but now that she is bigger she draws it herself, and Boom!  This little trick turns into a learning experience as she helps me look at the calendar and figure out how many days she needs to place on the board.


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