Fern Forest Nature Tots in Margate, Florida

Miss Nikki at Fern Forest

We just got back from Nature Tots at Fern Forest Nature Center!  It was so much fun!  My daughter loves it.  It usually includes a story time, a craft and then Miss Nikki takes them out onto the trails for a short walk.  Today they did a cute little raccoon craft made all out of hearts and followed some raccoon tracks along the boardwalk.  It is such a good time and for the price you can not beat it!  Miss Nikki is great and the kids love her!

Lots of fun!  Make sure that you make a reservation they fill up quickly.  The number is 954-357-5198 and the fee is $3.  

Miss Nikki at Fern Forest

Nature Exploration with a Camera

Red Rat Snake at Fern Forest

Fern Forest Nature Center

Craft Activity at Nature Tots

Proud Artist!

Miss Nikki at Fern Forest Nature Center

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