Cyndi’s Favorite Holiday Kids Websites!

I wanted to tell you about is the Portable North Pole!  This is the most fun free thing you will do this year!!  You go to the website, answer a few questions about your child’s age, gender, hair color, eye color, what they want for Christmas and upload pictures if you want.  Then Santa sends you a personalized video message for your child where he checks his file and shows pictures of your child and everything.  My daughter went nuts when Santa showed a photo of her and her cousin on vacation and mentioned how lucky she was to have gone on vacation this year.  She started saying “Santa!  That is my cousin Santa!”  It was so wonderful!
Last but not least, check in with Norad Tracks Santa.  They have lots of fun games for the kids to play, even I got stuck playing a tetrus like game the other night.  The best thing is that starting Christmas Eve, they “track” Santa’s flight around the world with cute little cartoon type videos, so your child can see where Santa is before they go to bed.  It’s lots of fun and the kids get a kick out of it.  It has become tradition in our family to see Santa over London where Nana and Papa are before we go to bed.

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  1. Thanks!!! I did the PNP for my boys and you should have seen their faces!! They had no clue how Santa knew what they wanted and their names and everything! So cute!!! I plan on doing another message on Christmas Eve, to pump them up a little more! Thanks for all the great websites!!!

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