Regal Offers $1 Summer Movies! Summer Movie Express

Regal Summer Movie Express

2016 Summer Movie Express


Admission to the Summer Movie Express is only $1. Tickets available for purchase at the box office and all movies start at 10:00 am. Each week both movies play on both days. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute.

Most look like they are Tuesday & Wednesdays at 10am starting June 14th, but check your local theater for starting dates as they are different by State and Theater!  Find a Theater near you

  • Week 1
    The Lego Movie
  • Week 2
    The Iron Giant: Signature Edition
  • Week 3
    The Smurfs 2
  • Week 4
    Despicable Me 2
  • Week 5
    The Peanuts Movie
  • Week 6
    Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Road Chip
    Curious George
  • Week 7
    The Book of Life
    Hotel Transylvania 2
  • Week 8
    Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
    Shaun The Sheep
  • Week 9
    The Croods
    Dr. Suess’ The Lorax


The Week Ahead for South Florida with My Favorite Holiday Sites

Cyndi’s Favorite Kids Holiday Websites

Norad Tracks SantaIf you read this blog regularly you know that I am always on the search for the most educational types of recreation for the kids.  I have once again posted and updated some of my favorite Holiday Websites.  All of them have at least a nominal amount of educational value. Well may not the Elf Yourself site, but it’s the Holidays and you gotta have some fun too.

decorationBear with me for a moment, I had a deep thought I wanted to share.  They are rare for me so here it is.

I thought I would share some of our Holiday decorations with you.  My daughter put together this little assortment. I love how she added some of her stuffed Christmas toys to our regular decorations.   I was so touched that she included my book on the Holiday Shelf.  I think the best thing I could have ever done was publish this little book, because she sees it as a major accomplishment. I want to encourage you in this Holiday Season to live out your dreams in a visible way to your children.  Not just your success, but the failures too.  For me tell her that she can be anything doesn’t mean as much as allowing her to see me try, fail and sometimes succeed.  Including her in the struggle to get published demonstrated that sometimes things don’t always work the first time you try, but together we really can do anything as long as we don’t allow ourselves to become discouraged.   I wanted to say “Hey girl, you can do anything, so I have to show you it’s possible”.  Okay, onto more fun things!


Flamingo Gardens of Light Holiday Event

Don’t forget to head out to Flamingo Gardens, Garden of Lights!  Even if they weren’t a wonderful sponsor for our site I would advise you go this event.  In fact it is one of the reasons that I decided to invite them join our Sponsor Family!

The calendar is filling up quickly!  Please make sure that we don’t miss your next event and submit your event today!

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Diary of a Rogue House CatDiary of a Rogue House Cat

Have you ever had a pet that just seemed to cause havoc at every turn? Has your cat ever knocked over glasses, hidden your keys or generally created chaos for no apparent reason? Have you ever wondered what on earth your pet could be thinking? Baby Girl the Rogue House Cat explains all her crazy and funny actions in her new diary. Her journey to become a good house cat will help explain why cats do some of the things they do. I hope you enjoy her antics as much as I do.

Thank You for you support!

 Available on Amazon in Print and on Kindle

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

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If you have found this site helpful and want to keep me writing please use the Donate Button on the right side of this page. This helps us pay for our domain, ip address and hosting, maybe even a cup of coffee as I sit at Panera searching for more free events. Some sites require membership fees in order to pay for their site. We really want this information to be free and available to all. Thanks for your support!

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Diary of Rogue House Cat

Diary of a Rogue House Cat

I wanted to share some fun news! I finally published a book! It’s little and a bit silly, but I think it’s cute. (My 7 year old likes it for what that is worth.) This project is certainly a learning experience! It is available on Kindle US and Kindle Europe now and I am working on the print version at the moment. The print version should be available for purchase within the next 3 weeks.

Diary of a Rogue House Cat

Have you ever had a pet that just seemed to cause havoc at every turn? Have you ever wondered what on earth your pet could be thinking? Baby Girl the Rogue House Cat explains all her crazy and funny actions in her new diary to help explain why cats do some of the things they do. I hope you enjoy her antics as much as I do.

Free Preview

Get a preview of Diary of a Rogue House Cat by Cynthia Yates Buckley. The book will be available to purchase in about 3 weeks.

Amazon Kindle US

If you like the preview and just can’t wait to read it, the book is available on Amazon Kindle right now.

Amazon Kindle in the UK

Diary of a Rogue House Cat is now available on Amazon Kindle in the UK! So all our British friends can feel free to share the link around. I would very much appreciate it! It is only £1.99!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

How you can help keep this site running.

If you have found this site helpful and want to keep me writing please use the Donate Button on the right side of this page. This helps us pay for our domain, ip address and hosting, maybe even a cup of coffee as I sit at Panera searching for more free events. Some sites require membership fees in order to pay for their site. We really want this information to be free and available to all. Thanks for your support!

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Kids Bowl Free for the Summer – Nationwide

Kids Bowl Free Logo

A friend pointed me towards this website, if you sign up for free, your kids get to bowl (2 games a day) for free all summer long!

I looked at some of the areas available and there are many.  South Florida unfortunately is a bit lacking and the nearest one is in West Palm Beach.

There is a page on the website that can suggest a bowling center near you and they say they will attempt to get them to participate and then let you know when they succeed.

Here is the link to the participating alleys.

Florida :





Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Review

Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney Review

Christmas in Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World Christmas in Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World One of my favorite things to do is to go camping at Fort Wilderness at Disney World.  I have always loved to camp, however my dear husband has been dubious at best about it.

We have found the perfect happy place to make it work for all of us!  We can camp here and there are so many things to do, no one is ever bored!

Being there while the campgrounds were all decorated for Christmas was extra special.  It is so much fun just walk around the campsites and see how the campers decorate their sites.  This last visit we stayed in the 2000 loop.  At first I felt like it was too far from the pool, however we Christmas in Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney Worlddiscovered that people had build little bridges across the canal and we could walk to the pool and the camp store in less than 5 min.  We had so much fun “trekking through the wild” to the store (where I could get coffee) and of course to the pool.

Make sure that you look over your schedule when you get there so you don’t miss any of the fun!



Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Pool at Disney World
There are two pools, one for adults (which truthfully, I have never been to) and one for everyone!  The pools are heated and there is almost always some sort of entertainment going on there.  There are crafts for the kids in the morning, and dance games, bingo and quiz games throughout the day.  Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Pool at Disney World Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Pool Craft at Disney WorldThe snack bar is pretty good and handy too. Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Pool at Disney World Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Pool at Disney WorldThis last trip was so cold, that we did not swim (well my hubby and daughter lasted about 10 minutes in the water).  However we spent a good bit of time hanging out by the pool, playing games and making crafts.

There is a fabulous kiddie pool as well as a splash slide for the little ones.  I love that the kiddie pool is shallow enough that the little ones can handle it without us parents getting too wet!

Of course there is the giant slide too!  We were lucky enough to arrive first in the morning on one of our trips.  The lifeguard asked my daughter if she would like to open the slide and gave her a train engineers hat and whistle.  She was so proud of herself, she got to announce loudly that the slide was open, blow her whistle and take the first slide down.  She still talks about it.  This is the magic of Disney, where something rather ordinary becomes something special that is never forgotten!

Don’t worry there is a hot tube too!

One of the things that I love the most about all the Disney Resorts and Fort Wilderness are the lifeguards.  As a former lifeguard myself, it is clear that they are all well trained and super alert.  They are professional and always have an ice pack at hand for the occasional bump or boo boo.  I know this because my daughter is adept at needing a ice pack!

Wild Turkeys Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldIn our wanderings around the campgrounds we have seen loads of deer grazing, bunnies, all kinds of birds, a hawk, an oriole, and some turkeys.  Once a duck flew into the pool too, which the kids thought was hilarious.



Hidden Mickey in the bathroom Fort Wilderness Campgrounds  at Disney World
Hidden Mickey in the bathroom Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World

Each camping loop has a couple of “Comfort Stations”.  The bathroom, the loo, the toilet, the privy, the throne… get the picture.  The bathrooms are always clean.  Seriously, I have camped here when the grounds were completely full and the bathrooms have never been gross!  Mind you I still wear my flip flops in the shower, but really they are pretty darn good.  All the showers have a disabled shower in them too, this is particularly handy for those of us with little girls, being able to pick up the shower head to rinse out little ones hair (especially long hair) makes things a lot less ratty (pun intended).

Smores Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World Our Camp Site Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World

Our Campsite Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldMost sites have water and electric, there are tent sites and also big rig sites. So it seems that they can accommodate just about any type of camper that comes their way.  I should not forget to mention that they have cabins for rent too.  We have never gone that route, but if a tent is a bit too much for you it is always an option.

Most of the sites are pretty secluded so there is some privacy.  Although, as a parent of an only child, I don’t mind that we can see all the kids playing in the center field of the loop.

Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Playground at Disney World Fort Wilderness Campgrounds Playground at Disney WorldDisney did not forget that kids love playgrounds!  There are playgrounds tucked in here and there and everywhere and there always seems to be kids who want to play.  Which in our case is a very good thing! The playgrounds gave loads of shade and are almost always surrounded by picnic tables and benches.






Cinderella’s Horses
Tri Circle Farms Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldTri Circle Farms is housed on site near the beach and the Trails End Restaurant.  This is seriously cool!  The kids (as long as they are under 48 inches) can ride on one of Cinderella’s horses.  Yes, they are the very same horses that pull Cinderella’s Carriage.  This time my daughter got to ride Bandit.  As I was leading Bandit, I thought to myself How cool is this, I am leading one of Tri Circle Farms Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldCinderella’s horses. At that moment I looked back at my daughter and she was grinning ear to ear and she said “I am riding Cinderella’s horse!”  For $8.00, this is a memory that will be special for a long time!

Even if you are too big to ride, you can walk through the yard and visit with the horses.  Don’t forget to check out the barn and see the working Calliope, see the Clydesdale and learn a little about Walt’s love for horses!

Tri Circle Farms Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldYou can also take the family on a trail ride at Fort Wilderness, the horseback riding barn is at the front of the campgrounds near the reception.  I don’t know what the fees are, but I can’t wait to take my girl on ride soon.

Tri Circle Farms Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World






Campfire Sing Along, Bonfire and Movie
The campground hosts a Chip and Dale Sing Along and Bonfire that is included in your camping fees.  You can buy marshmallows and a stick (or just bring your own).  I prefer to do our smores at the campgrounds as it gets a bit much with tons of kids running around with sharp sticks and fiery marshmallows.

The Beach Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldFireworks and Electrical Water Pagent
Ask when you come into the campgrounds what time the fireworks and the Electric Boat Parade are.  You sit on the beach in the evening and watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. The kids love it and while maybe not quite as impressive at it is in the parks, it is still a great view and a great time!

Monorail and FerriesThe Beach Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World
Not going into the parks this trip?  No problem, you can still take a boat across to Magic Kingdom or the Wilderness Lodge.  From Magic Kingdom you can take the family on monorail ride.  The little ones love this and think it’s the best ever!


Christmas in Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldTrails End Restaurant
They do a sit down breakfast and dinner.  We prefere the breakfast, however it is a little expensive.  We don’t do it every time, but I love it.  The food is really good and of course they have my favorite, Mickey Waffles!

Trails End Breakfast Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World
Trails End Breakfast Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World

Did you forget the hamburgers or did it rain on your hotdogs?  Both of these have happened to us, the Trails End Restaurant is available to walk up order pizza or breakfast items, and i thought the prices were pretty reasonable.  They also have a bar with a walk up window which makes waiting on the beach for the fireworks a bit more fun for adults!

Camp store Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldThe Trading Post store (there are two on the campgrounds) should have most things you might need.  Everything from snacks to food, souvenirs and of course coffee!  I always come prepared to make coffee at my campsite, however you can never have enough coffee in my opinion.

Disney has not forgotten the extras.  Right outside the restaurant they keep a plastic horseshoe game and loads of hula hoops.  It was so much fun to sit on the patio there and watch all the kids playing in front of the Christmas Tree.

Bikes at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World  Canoeing at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World Canoeing at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney WorldCanoeing, Fishing, Archery, Wagon Rides, Boat Rentals, Fishing, Bike Rentals, Jogging Trails, Arcade, Walking Tours, Segway Tours, Bike Rentals, and Golf Cart Tours.
This last trip we took a canoe rental around the canals.  It was fun, and rather comical.  The young man who helped us get out the canoe indicated that we could not get lost, however that did not turn out to be the case.  Anyhow we made it back to the Bike Barn (where we started) and we had fun.  They have rental bikes for all sizes and even helmets too, so if you can’t get your bike to the campgrounds you are covered.  All of these things do have extra fees.  The Canoeing at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney Worldcanoeing was pretty reasonable, at around $6.50 for a half hour for all three of us including life jackets.


IKEA Play Place and Fun for the Family

Ikea Lips Pillow

We as moms often hit the mall on a rainy day, just to get a cup of coffee and let the kids play in the play area.  It is easy to forget that IKEA is the perfect place for a wander with your Littles!  Our Fort Lauderdale store even has special close parking for families with Littles and strollers.

Ikea Dining Room Kids Area

When I go to IKEA, I always start with breakfast.  They offer specials throughout the week and you will never spend more than a few dollars on a plate of food.  The is food is okay, it is not stellar, but the dining room is always clean and has wide windows all along the wall to make it a bright happy space.  There is a kids space in the dining room where the Littles can eat together in front of a flat screen TV, allowing the adults a chance to brush up on conversation that involves words with more than 2 syllables.

According to Charles Wing Local Marketing Specialist IKEA’s founder wanted the store to reflect his belief that the should store be “a day out for the whole family”. This influence is certainly felt throughout the store and.IKEA seems to work hard to make their store a family friendly place by offering strollers for Ikea Dining Room Bottle Warming Stationthe kids and family bathrooms. The dining room has a bottle warming station, with a toaster, microwave, bottle warmer and bibs.

The family bathroom has a chair in case you need to find a quiet place with baby for moment.  The bathrooms are generally pretty clean, but on the weekends when the store gets crazy busy and they can get a little bad.  They do seem to make a huge effort to keep them clean and I have always seen them spotless first thing in the morning.

Ikea Kids BedroomAt our IKEA you start out on the top floor, this has all the furniture for adults and kids.  My daughter likes to walk around this floor with me and check out all the rooms.  We love to see the way storage and whimsy works in the kids areas and dream about the kitchen we would someday like to have.

The bottom floor is full of the housewares, which is less interesting to my daughter. This floor has everything from silverware to picture frames and glassware, so not really an area where I want to worry about what my Little might try to pick up when my head is turned.  Ikea Lips PillowSo we head on over to the Smalland Play Area, where there is a supervised play area for kids. The Play Area is open daily from 10 am to 7:30 pm.  Usually, the kids can stay for about 50 minutes, they give you a beeper and tell you when you are due back to pick up your child.  Kids must be at least 37 inches tall, no more than 54 inches, and must be completely potty trained.  My daughter had a great time didn’t want to leave when her time was up.  The staff in the play area were courteous and seemed to be very capable. My daughter didn’t want to leave, so that is always a good sign.

Smalland Store Promo Photo
Smalland IKEA Store Provided Promo Photo

On your next rainy day call up your friends and meet at IKEA for a morning of shopping, food and fun. It is a great alternative to the mall when the weather rules out the outdoors.

Kaplan Kids Smart Track Keeps Kids on Track for the Summer

Screen Shot of Kaplan Kids Program

We decided to give Kaplan Kids Smart Track a try this summer to keep my 5 year old DD’s skills up. She will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.   I think overall it is a good program.  My DD loves to be on the computer, so this was right up her alley.

Screen Shot of Kaplan Kids Program
Screen Shot of Kaplan Kids Program

I feel that the Kaplan Kids program works hard to keep things fresh and interesting. She flew through the first assessment test and did get a little frustrated practicing things that she knows well. The second assessment was more difficult for her and she did start to get flustered about halfway through.  However with a little encouragement I managed to keep redirecting her back to it.  A little frustration is good, it is a matter of finding the balance.  I can see that the assessments may be a bit stressful for some children, and it is important they understand that they are not expected to know everything they are presented with. The children must choose the best answer they can without a parents help.  These assessments are truly the most difficult for the kids.

As with any learning tool, repetition, while important can be frustrating for children. Those that already know the material and those who struggle with it can get overwhelmed and not want to continue. Kaplan Kids handles this pretty well for all the practical materials (practice lessons) although the assessment portions can be a little more intense, especially when they are asking things the child has never seen.

I wish that it started out with a few games to set up momentum for the kids, however it jumps right into the assessment.  Knowing that more games are coming may provide extra motivation for the kids to stick out the assessments.  All in all, my daughter did not struggle very much and was able to cope pretty well.  I think this will depend on the child to a very large extent.  Right now she is a bit stuck on coin counting and I wish there was a way to skip it, go onto the next material, and then come back to it. For now we will focus on the reading portion, and then go back to maybe next week.

Kaplan Kids Virtual Room
Kaplan Kids Virtual Room

The Rewards Zone:
This section seems like it would work very well for an older child.  There is a virtual room that the child can “buy” items with points earned from practice to place in the room.  My daughter loves it, but I have to help her with it, I don’t think that the interface is the easiest for little ones.

There are also other things to do in the rewards section.  Like spin a wheel to win things like entry into drawings for Target Cards and  “plant a seed” which helps grow food for those in need. These options are fabulous for a slightly older child, but finding yourself trying to explain heady concepts like world hunger to a 5 year old is a bit exhausting. My DD just kept asking who exactly would be planting the seed, who would get to pick the vegetables and who was going to eat them, why didn’t she get to plant them because they were her seeds and don’t the neighbors just give food to their friends if they are hungry and………………  Yeah, well, these kinds of virtual rewards are difficult for younger children, and frankly a bit of a headache at least in my case.  I found myself trying to explain world hunger, companies who plant things for people to eat, and conservation to a 5 year old with insatiable questions.
At this point in order to make it easier and more concrete, we decided together to keep her

Examples of Kaplan Kids Reward Zone
Examples of Kaplan Kids Reward Zone

points and not spend them until she reaches certain numbers.  Instead, we set up specific goals for her (at 2000 points we would go to the green market and buy a bag of fresh fruit and vegetables and deliver them to the food pantry and at 5000 she would get a coveted toy she has been asking for).  I will also help her spend some points on things for the virtual room (when she gets enough points) and spin the wheel once a day. This plan seemed to keep her much more motivated.

Real Time Skill Status:
The parents section is pretty useful.  At first I was not sure how to read it but as I saw my child progress in her lessons,  it began to make more sense. It shows you in green the percentage of the academic skill that she has mastered, and compares it to the first day  she started (or whatever day you specify) so you have a reference of how far she has progressed  Skills not yet mastered show in red and white means that she has not yet been introduced to the skill by Kaplan Kids.  The nice thing is, it automatically moves up a grade when the child is ready.  My daughter is working on some skills at the Kindergarten level and has just started on a few skills in the 1st grade level.  This important to keep the material challenging, but not overwhelming.  Clicking on Details will show the parent an even more detailed breakdown of where the child is working, and excelling.

Kaplan Kids Skills Progress Report
Kaplan Kids Skills Progress Report

Clicking on Details will show the parent an even more detailed breakdown of where the child is working, and excelling.

All in all, I think it is a very good program.  In general, I think it would be best for older kids (at least 1st grade) although it is working very well for my almost Kindergartner.  I would recommend it to my friends to try it.  Leaning is an individual style and it is going to be different for every child, so while it may not work for every child, I think it will work for most.  On the Kaplan Kids main website, they have  a 1 week free trial, then it is $29 a month and you can cancel anytime.

Keeping Up With Kids did not receive any incentive or from Kaplan Kids to use this product.

5 Tips for Hiking with Kids

Fern Forest
Fern Forest Hiking Trail in Margate
Hiking with your family, can be an incredible bonding experience, that will build memories for your kid that will last a lifetime.  Here are 5 tips on how to get started.
Tip # 1: Start out small!
It is important to know what your child is capable of. If your child is one that will not want to walk far, make sure you choose a short path. If the kids are overwhelmed the first time out, they may not want to go again.  So make it short.  Most parks here in the Fort Lauderdale area have shorter trails that would be more manageable for small children. You can gradually choose longer paths as your child begins to get used to hiking.

Tip #2: Give them something to do.
For younger children this may be something as simple as counting trees. For older children you can print out a few pictures of native plants, trees or birds so that they can treat the hike like a treasure hunt. National Parks, State Parks and County Park websites usually have lists of the Flora and Fauna that are live in the parks so you can make sure to choose pictures that the children will be able to find.

Tip #3: Be prepared for weather.
Remember children dehydrate faster than adults do and they are far less likely to mention they are thirsty or hot when they are having fun. Be sure to put the sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and water bottles to good use and remind the kids to take a drink every now and again. Try to avoid high energy activity in the summertime during the hottest part of the day between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm.

Tip #4: Be prepared for bugs.
It is especially important to keep Safety in mind. South Florida mosquito’s can carry Hiking Trails at Birch Park in Fort Lauderdalediseases so be sure to bring the bug repellent and wear protective clothing. Long lightweight pants and long sleeves will help to keep the pesky critters from making a meal of the family. Wear layers so these protective layers can be peeled off later. The best time to avoid the mosquitoes is winter time.Some parks even post a “Mosquito Report” at trail heads, so you can call ahead.
I really like All Terrain Herbal Armor DEET-Free Natural Insect Repellent Spray (4-Ounce).  I have been using it since my daughter was born and found that it works pretty well. Socks and light weight pants will help protect you from ant bites and poison ivy.  That handy dandy hat that keeps the sun out of your eyes so well will also help deter ticks.

Tip #5: Make hiking a rewarding experience.
Make sure to follow your hike with something the kids will enjoy.  A little picnic with some favorite snacks on a blanket, or a swim in the ocean will give the children something to look forward to and reason to finish the trail.  Many Local South Florida parks like Birch State Park in Fort Lauderdale and John U Lloyd Beach Park in Dania Beach have playgrounds, picnic table are on the beach and have nearby parking so it would be easy to return to pick up swim gear and a picnic basket.  With a little planning, hiking with the family can be very rewarding and lots of fun for all. So get out there and hike South Florida!

Regal 1$ Summer Movie – Nationwide

Regal Theater Summer Movie LogoRegal Summer Movie Express!  Regal Theaters offer kids movies on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 10am for nine weeks. Beginning June 11 in most Theaters.  Admission is $1 and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Will Rogers Institute.

Please check your local Regal Cinema for participation.

Week Title Rating Start Time
1 The Three Stooges PG 10am
1 Ice Age: Continental Drift PG 10am
2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days PG 10am
2 Parental Guidance PG 10am
3 Mr. Poppers’ Penguins PG 10am
3 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked G 10am
4 Monte Carlo PG 10am
4 Rio G 10am
5 Coraline PG 10am
5 ParaNorman PG 10am
6 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax PG 10am
6 Big Miracle PG 10am
7 Yogi Bear PG 10am
7 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island PG 10am
8 Racing Stripes PG 10am
8 Happy Feet Too PG 10am
9 African Cats G 10am
9 Chimpanzee G 10am

Lowe’s Build & Grow Free Kids Workshops

Lowe's Build & Grow

I thought I would repost this as there are several coming up and my daughter has been asking to go one.  Check the events calendar for the next one. Advance registration is required.

I had to run into Lowe’s the other week to return something for my husband and my daughter pointed out the giant sign on the wall that had Donkey’s dragon girlfriend from Shrek on it.  I realized it was for a free workshop to build the dragon. So of course I signed us up and we went.

It was really fun and really cute. Sorry for the lousy phone photos but I was being lazy and did not bring my camera.

You have to register online first. We showed up early and they were already set up. It was a little wood model with little nails and directions.

The attendant gave us the set, a hammer to use, and a cute Lowe’s apron for my daughter.

Lowe's Build & Grow

I had hoped there would be someone to help us figure out how to do it, but the attendant, while very friendly, did not offer any help.

I am of absolutely no use with tools but I did manage to figure out how to put it together on my own. Okay, well with a little help from my 4 year old and the people around me!

It was not exactly the way it was meant to be, but it worked and my daughter was so proud of herself for nailing it together.

When the project is complete the kids are given a cute little patch to take home. You can iron it onto their apron for them and they can wear it to the next workshop and earn another badge.

Lowe's Build & Grow

There is a Shrek Onion Carriage coming up the weekend of August 25th. Check out the Lowe’s Build and Grow link to register.