Gus on the Go: A Language Learning Adventure App Giveaway & Review

Gus on the Go

The Giveaway will run 2/19/15 – 3/5/15.

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Gus on the Go  a Language Learning Adventure Review & Giveaway


Gus on the Go

This App is brilliant!  There are no other explanations!  Gus on the Go is without a doubt the best learning app I have come across.  Go get it now, I love it!  I bought it on a recommendation from a friend and I am so happy that I did!

This is the first App that I have reviewed, not because I haven’t found fun apps, but because I had not yet found one that, that in my opinion, had learning the learning outcomes that I want to see.  Gus on the Go changed that for me.  The learning outcomes are clear and strong, and the entertainment level knocks it out of the park and keeps kids coming back.

Gus on the GoGus on the Go has 26 languages and the kids learn 89 words in each one version.  I kid you not, my daughter (7 years) blew through this thing in a few sittings. Not because it was too easy, but because it was so much fun! (What’s more, I didn’t mind!)

The balance between learning, practice and fun is exactly right with this app.  Each section introduces you to new words with cartoon graphics.  In order to go onto the next level, you have to earn trophy’s by playing fun mini games.  The games are activities like recognizing a Gus on the Goword in French (I bought the French one) then popping the corresponding balloons with the correct animal in them, or participating in a horse race by knowing the correct vocabulary words.

The graphics are colorful, clean, and engaging and the games are simply fun, so fun that my daughter didn’t want to put it down.  Heck, I wanted to play it too!  I was surprised at how quickly she learned the vocabulary words and she is actually retaining them.

Gus on the GoThe only problem with it is that we want more!  More levels, vocabulary and sentence structures please!  I sent an email over to the nice folks at Gus on the Go and told them how much I love their app, but could they please hurry up with some more levels?  The lovely Alice wrote back explaining that the Gus on the Go Team is actually only 2 people (yes, the two of them created this amazing learning tool). She and her counterpart Yono are working hard on the sequel that will teach short sentences using stories.  With any luck it will be available early this summer.  All I can say is that my family can’t wait!

It gets even better!  Alice is giving us 5 iOS promo codes to give away to randomly chosen winners!

The Giveaway will run 2/19/15 – 3/5/15.

a Rafflecopter giveaway of Gus on the Go

Gus on the Go is available on Itunes and Android Play Store.

Electronic Snap Circuits by Elenco Educational Toy Review

Electronic Snap Circuit Kit by Elenco

Electronic Snap Circuit Kit by ElencoI love toys that teach!  As the momma of a girl, I am specially concerned with educational toys that teach science, engineering and math.  My daughter played with an  Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 Physics Kit product at school one day and loved it.  Santa got it for her this year, and I have to say I am pretty happy with it.  I think she has played with it more than any other toy she got (except for Zoomer, which is next on my To Review List).

Description:  Electronic Snap Circuit Project #1 by ElencoSanta brought one of the bigger sets, it has 305 projects, and more than 60 pieces. Each part (internal component) has a different function.  There are short descriptions of each of the projects along with a diagram.  The goal is to follow the diagram and complete a circuit to allow the project make sounds or move.

Assembly Time: It is all assembly time 😉

Value for Money:  We got one of the smaller kits Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits, Jr. Kit as a birthday present for a friend very reasonably!  You can spend  much more on the bigger sets.  The great thing is you can always add on.  (The friends mother reported that it was a big hit with her son as well, which I was relived to hear!)

Age Appropriateness:  The Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 Physics Kit is recommended for children 8 and up.  I think this is a pretty appropriate recommendation. That being said, I got it for two 7 year olds who had little to no problem with it.  The kids will need a little supervision with the kit, most kids will need to have a parent do a couple of the projects with them before they can left to do it on their own.  My kiddo seemed to pick it up quickly and she can do most of the projects fairly well with only a little interference. In order to understand each project, the child will need to be able to read well or have someone available to read the short description of the project to them.

Electronic Snap Circuit Kit diagram by ElencoEducational Value:  As I see it there are two really wonderful things that this kit teaches.  The simplest one is diagram reading.  Learning to set the pieces on the board using the labeled grid pattern (numbers across the top and letters down the side) is going to help create skills that will help students at all levels.  This activity alone has validity in learning to chart or even graph.

The second is becoming comfortable with the concepts involved in electronics and electricity. This was the part I was hoping would be most helpful.  This kit allows children to see how circuits are completed and allows them (sometimes through trial and error) to see it done in action.  Some of the project have the connection made using the wire cables in water.  My daughter was amazed to learn that water can conduct electricity!  The younger kids will not always understand how each part works (neither do I frankly) but the more they build and read the instructions the more these concepts seem to solidify for them. I have been playing with it right alongside her and have been able to help her understand a little of what she is doing.  I know very little about electronics so it has been a learning experience for me too!

Electronic Snap Circuit Kit by Elenco
Do you see the numbers and letters? No, me neither.

If you or your child want to learn more about  each of the individual components you can download this PDF from Elenco with descriptions of the Integrated Components in the Snap Circuits Kit.  

My only complaint about the kit is that labels on the plastic board are impossible for me to see.  Even with my very unattractive goggle glasses on!  So, maybe in future Elenco could try to remember that the adults playing ehhem, I mean helping the kids play with the Electronic Snap Circuits may be a little older and well, a little blinder too.

Big Toy Box Review Video: Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera

Big Toy Box Review: Fisher Price Kids Tough Camera

We are proud to present the first of many video reviews!  Enjoy!

3 year old using Kid Tough Camera for Bird Watching.
Description:  I thought this camera was going to be really, really bad!  I once had a tiny thumb drive camera that took grainy fuzzy terrible pictures and I thought this was going to be the same.  It is much, much better than that!   Now, to be fair, it is not super high quality by any means, so don’t get your hopes up too high.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how clear the photos taken with the Kids Tough Camerawere.  Outside is the best use for this camera, as it does not have a flash, so indoor photo’s tend to be grainy, more blurry and darker.  I have posted here some of the photo’s I and my 3 year old have taken with it to give you an idea.  The camera comes in pink and blue.
Assembly Time:  None.  You do have to add 4 AAA batteries and buy a cord separately to download the photos.

Value for Money:  This item runs between $30 and $40 bucks.  My daughter loves it!
Photo Taken by a 3 year with Kid Tough Camera.

Age Appropriateness:  The box says age 3-7 years.  We got it for my DD for her 3rdbirthday and she took to it like a fish to water and although the age/safety recommendation does not advise it, I probably would have felt okay with her having it earlier.  It has dual eye pieces so that you can look through it using both eyes (much easier for kids) or use the view screen.

Durability:  It is a plastic construction and seems pretty durable.  My DD has already dropped it several times.  The lens is set deep into the camera so it is harder to accidentally get finger prints on it.

Educational ValueThis is a great way to develop creativity and hand/eye coordination.  My DD loves to take pictures the way that we do!  She has also carried it along on our hikes to take pictures of wildlife. It is a great way to introduce a birding activity to a child.  She feels really important using it, I actually caught her giving it to a friend and then very patiently giving a “mini photo lesson”.  It is amazing how quickly kids pick up these things.  So far we love it.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.
Taken by a 3 year old using the Kid Tough Camera.