Bluefoot Pirate Adventures in Fort Lauderdale

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures in Fort LauderdaleImagine cruising down the New River on your multi-million dollar luxury yacht, under blue skies and white puffy clouds.  You take a deep breath as you sip your wine, and inhale the salty smell on the cool ocean breeze.  Suddenly, out of the blue a shadow passes your eyes, is that a Jolly Rodger flag?  What is that noise?  Do you hear a pirate singing a sea chanty? Are those kids wearing eye patches, waving swords and yelling “arrrrrrrr” at you?

Well throw in a few water cannons and this is exactly what you can expect on the Bluefoot Pirate Adventure!

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures in Fort Lauderdale

This is one of the reasons we are so lucky to live in South Florida!  Bluefoot is an outstanding and unique kids adventure program like no other!  It really is brilliant!  When you arrive at the dock, the crew and the captain are waiting there to greet you and get you started on your adventure.  The kids get decked out with vests, eye patches, face painted tattoos or beards.  The crew are extremely friendly and helpful and it is clear they are proud of their business and what is more important, they enjoy it.

Once you are out on the river, the deckhand entertains the kids with stories and teaches everyone how to use the water cannons while the Captain offers the parental units fun facts about the amazing homes and boats along the river.

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures on the New River in Fort Lauderdale

Once the kids are fully ready to defend the boat, the Bluefoot is set upon by a “Smelly Pirate”  while the kids squirt him mercilessly with the water cannons.  Don’t worry, he gives as good as he gets and fights back a little with a super soaker!

In the end the kids save the key to the Pirate Treasure from the bottom of the Sea and go home with gold in their pockets, singing about Davie Jones and gratefully for us parents, might even fall asleep early!

This is a must see!  The Bluefoot is also available for birthday parties.  You need to make your reservations in advance.  Don’t forget to bring hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.  I was also very appreciative that the ship offers cold bottles of water very reasonably on board.  They do discounts on certain days of the week and there are often Groupons available.


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