The Week Ahead for South Florida for Spring Break

Dubois Park in Jupiter, FL
Dubois Park in Jupiter, Florida

Spring Break is upon us!  If you live in Palm  Beach County you can still find a camps on our Camp Page! 

My Pick of the Week

Splash Pad A1A & Atlantic in Pompano Beach
Splash Pad A1a & Atlantic in Pompano Beach

Spring Break is all about the water!  As you know, South Florida has fabulous water!  Calypso Cove and

my personal favorite, Coconut Cove and Castaway Island are opening up for Spring Break!  If you need more options for wet fun in the sun check out the menu tab for Events and Review and click on the subcategory for Water Play.  You will find

Coconut Cove Water Park in Boca Raton
Coconut Cove Water Park

everything from breaches to Splash Pads!  Be sure to check with the official website for your facility as they are all opening at different times.


Splash Pad Playground at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton
Splash Pad at Patch Reef Park




5 Tips for Hitting the Beach with Kids

Beach with child by KUWKMost of us know the amazing day the beach can provide, but please keep in mind the dangers that the beach can represent.  Most of all share these tips with any northern visitors that you may have come visit.  Teen are particularly susceptible to because they think they are invincible.  I know were actually invincible when were teens, but today’s teen are not.;)



Want to learn Piano?  There is an App for that!

pianomarvelI am a geek, I know! I have been obsessed with all things educational & technological! So what about Piano Lessons?  Yup, There’s an app for that too! Piano Marvel is a completely online piano course that uses a midi interface with your piano to give you instant feedback on what you know!  I have been using it to brush up on my extremely old skills and to supplement my child’s lessons!   I am LOVING IT!  I also negotiated a Coupon Code for you try it for free!  If you buy a subscription you will get a discount too!  You won’t believe what you get for about a quarter of the price of piano lessons!

The calendar is filling up quickly!  Please make sure that we don’t miss your next event and submit your event today!

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Got a Summer Camp?

Let us know and we will place your Summer or Spring Break Camp information on our Find a Camp page!

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